Monday, January 2, 2012

happy 30th!

in other words, new years eve and new years day.

it’s the day I’ve been waiting for since I turned 30! my husband has finally entered the same decade as me!

010 (2)the birthday boy, looking very mature with his juice glass of sparkling cider…

 047  every year, I try to convince shane to bang pots with me at midnight, and every year he rolls his eyes at me. this year, both micah and layla managed to stay up and they were willing! so at midnight, we all ran outside with our pots and wooden spoons and banged the heck out of them! shane was embarrassed.

048 but he was busy lighting off fireworks in the street. we had saved a few from 4th of july. and yes, those are sort of snowflakes. not sure what was going on. there wasn’t any snow to speak of, just a few frozen rain drops.050 and there were sparklers for all of us, except gramma and papa who stayed inside where it was warm.

next day:057after church, amy, adam and finnigan came over. 055 sometime, mid afternoon, layla’s tooth came out.058 micah was playing with his trains and built a little circle track. apparently it needed a christmas tree to go in the middle of it.

after a delicious ham dinner, we had dave’s birthday cake. cupcakes, this year, but still confetti cake. 059060 the birthday boy, his candles, and his head cut off in the picture. apparently shane hasn’t quite mastered the art of the birthday person POTD shot yet.

my parents came over as well, and layla got to have 2 grandmothers read stories to her.061063 micah did not, because he was being a stinker.

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