Monday, December 26, 2011

week 51 in pictures

holy cow. we are winding down! this will be my second to last weekly post for this year!!!! wow.

sunday:012 finally got the kids’ presents all wrapped. 2 big fat boxes for each… what could it be???

monday:003 just a little random cuteness.

tuesday:004 on the way back from… somewhere… california, maybe? layla made a bunch of paper ornaments and I had the brilliant idea that she should make a big paper christmas tree to put on her bedroom door. she then bugged me to let her make this tree nearly EVERY day since, usually right before bed time, or when I was in the middle of making dinner. FINALLY, it happened. they painted it green, I added some glitter glue lights, and cut it out. layla cut out and taped on all of her ornaments, and then we put it on her door!

wednesday:008 new tragedy for our family… layla had a super loose tooth, which she managed to lose AND swallow while eating breakfast. she was quite distraught.

thursday:009 christmas baking has commenced! yes, I like to wait to the last minute. and every year, as I’m cursing the stress and time constraints, I vow to start in november the next year. that has yet to happen.

friday:010 layla and micah helped me decorate.

saturday:022  christmas eve: shane and layla were involved in a big choir number during the service at church. it was beautiful! (they are both on the left side of the picture.)

more christmas eve:2011-12-24 before church, we went to visit amy and finnigan (adam had to work). while there, amy fixed a haircut botch, and finnigan became completely enamored with shane. layla and micah were ecstatic to go to “roscoe and dakota’s house”! then, at church, micah got to have his own candle during ‘silent night’. he was very good and took the whole thing very seriously. then he and layla posed as goofballs in front of the christmas tree.

and we attempted to do some decent family shots… 003 004  

and the extras:2011-12-28 1&2. me with summer/tina and kate at a christmas party/game night dealio. yes, we get a little silly.

3. the finished paper tree on the door.

4. my traditional christmas jammies.

5. layla, wearing her favorite of daddy’s shirts.

6. the traditional block wall at the end of the hall. dave did this one year, “to keep the kids from sneaking into the living room and opening presents before we’re up”, and now they want it every year!

that’s it. only 1 more!

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  1. I LOVE the block wall! That is a great idea! I think we might have to try that one out next year. =) Great pictures. =)



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