Monday, December 19, 2011

week 50 in pictures

this week is kind of messed up. I didn’t take any pictures until wednesday, and then those pictures got deleted. so, I have a bunch of random ones from either the weekend before, or post-wednesday… but this is (roughly) how I’m going to be plugging them in to the book. I think…

sunday:032 layla’s FIRST ‘dangly’ earrings. (yes, this is a big deal.)

monday:038 my absolute FAVORITE treat right now. super awesome, high-quality, fair trade, organic, LOCAL (made right here in seattle – I’ve even toured the factory) chocolate! this is my current bar of choice, and dark chocolate (the higher the %, the better), is a totally paleo-approved treat! L.O.V.E.

tuesday:049 micah has decided that the best utensil for eating yogurt is a plastic fork. weird kid. in an ironic twist, I sent a yogurt in shane’s lunch that day. he came home and told me that I forgot to send him a spoon, so he had to go and find one. well, they didn’t have any plastic spoons in the cafeteria, so he had to use a fork! go figure.

wednesday:041 dave surprised me with my brand new iphone 4s!!!! OMG. I kinda felt really guilty about it. like I don’t really need it and it’s all extravagant and everything. but my old 3g was kind of on the fritz and my camera was falling apart, so he decided to replace both! the camera on this thing is awesome, and I totally love it! that said, we were at church when he gave it to me, and I was really excited to fiddle around with the camera. the kids were singing in the service, so I wanted to get some pics and video (this does both). done. and then… accidentally deleted. oh well. I will say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get good pictures in our church. the lighting is funky and they always wind up dark, blurry, grainy, or everyone with demon eyes. frequently all of the above. this thing took AWESOME pictures in there! the kids are singing again on christmas eve and I can’t wait to take pictures of that so I can show off the awesome quality! (oh, and my kids singing!)

thursday:045 micah, playing at craft club.

also thursday (not sure how I’m going to work this, exactly):2011-12-15 layla brought home her ‘student of the month’ award, and we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate that (and a couple of other recent family accomplishments). after, we went over to the at&t store to see if I could find a case for my phone. I was kind of in a panic, because I have a tendency to drop phones. a lot. and this thing is made entirely of glass and the cost to replace it is through the roof! so… a case was necessary. while there, the kids had fun playing on all of the various devices. layla REALLY wants an ipad. oh, santa?!!  haha! yeah, right!

friday:005 layla made a gingerbread house at school and brought it home on friday. they went to town on it. the remains are on top of the fridge, currently, and I’m hoping they’ll just forget about it so it can disappear the way halloween candy usually does… shhh!

saturday:2011-12-17 dave and I got to have a date! my friend, angie, had brought to our attention that the SIFF cinema was going to be showing a “quote-along” version of the princess bride. um, yeah. that’s only like the best move EVER, and I know the lines, start to finish, better than anything, so we were totally there. it was so much fun. everyone was quoting, they had these inflatable plastic swords that people were dueling with, a random person in an ROUS costume that showed up in the middle of the movie… it was awesome. I even made dave a “hello. my name is… inigo montoya. you killed my father, prepare to die.” nametag.

fun week.

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