Monday, December 5, 2011

week 48 in pictures

sunday (actually, saturday evening):067 micah likes to take pictures. he took this one the night before we left CA, and I think it’s awesome. papa gary, in his recliner, reading the paper. I love that the angle on it is low – from his perspective. it’s his papa, through his eyes.

monday:069 dave took the day off of work, since we arrived home LATE the night before. shane was up and off to band earlier, so layla was the only one to take to the bus stop in the morning. she wanted daddy to walk with her. awww…

tuesday:2011-11-28 apparently shane had some styrofoam packing mold stashed somewhere in his room. micah found it and created a little snow storm for himself! UGH! I hate styrofoam! yes, we vacuumed him.

wednesday:2011-11-30 the kids had been looking forward to this for weeks! school skate night at skate king! (btw, locals, skate king is EXACTLY the same as it was when we were kids. exactly.) this was layla and micah’s first time EVER on roller skates and did great!

thursday:014 my child does not know how to sit. this is her, cross-legged, perched on one knee on a 1 inch square corner of her chair, working away on something, happy as a clam. crazy.

friday:2011-12-02someone (won’t mention any names, but he’s the one wearing shorts in the background), thought it would be a good idea to zip his siblings into their father’s coat. just a little big.

saturday:003 getting out the tree!

and the extras:2011-12-03 

  1. last in-n-out burger stop in redding on the way out of town. no bun, cheese, or sauce on my double-double (so I guess it’s just a double). super yummy!
  2. the little mountain just west of shasta, near the freeway, “diet shasta”.
  3. the tree, up, lit, and decorated from the waist down! ah, little helpers.
  4. see 5.
  5. lacking a proper tree skirt, we use a plain white sheet to wrap around the bottom of the tree. or in this case, around the kids, toga-style!
  6. holy bags, batman! one of the bottom drawers in our kitchen is ‘the bag drawer’. I noticed lately, that I was having trouble closing it, so I decided to do a little organizing. I pulled everything out, shopping bags, paper and plastic grocery bags, old bread bags, produce bags, even a reusable grocery bag. pulled it all out and still couldn’t close it. then I pulled the drawer out and found about 30 more bags, stuffed behind the drawer, plastered to the back of the cabinet, and up behind the drawer above it! phew. so all are sorted, stashed, appropriately folded, etc., and I can close the drawer!

that’s all for this week!

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