Monday, December 12, 2011

meal plan monday

yup. I realize that it’s getting to be a joke when I actually do post one of these. but hey, I have a rough sketch in my mind, so it might actually happen this week.

  • monday: beef stew (primal style, without the flour to thicken it)
  • tuesday: spaghetti (w/ spaghetti squash for the grownups and any kids willing to try it – veggie noodles for the kids); broccoli; salad
  • wednesday: dinner at church (might have to bring some back-up leftovers, just in case)
  • thursday: leek and potato soup (I think. I have a leek and some potatoes – will have to check the recipe to make sure there’s no dairy)
  • friday: pizza and beans (for the kids, and maybe dave, I guess. might have to make a different plan if he doesn’t want it. we’ll see what I come up with for myself.)
  • saturday: burgers and dogs (sans buns); raw veggies; sweet potato/oven fries
  • sunday: big breakfast scramble

planning meals lately is… interesting. on top of the paleo stuff, I have so many things I’m not supposed to be eating during these 8 weeks, so I have been making stuff that the kids will like, and then just scrounging up a salad or some meat and veggies for myself. well, now dave is dabbling in the primal side of things, too (woohoo!), but obviously, does not have the restrictions I have. so… I’m trying to figure out how to do all this still.

hopefully this’ll get us through this week w/out too much trouble!

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