Monday, November 28, 2011

week 47 in pictures

sunday:002 our church was a drop-off location for ‘operation christmas child’ this year. we did 3 boxes, one to correspond with each kid. so micah chose stuff for a boy around his age. layla, for a girl her age, etc. they had fun choosing fun little toys and socks and pencils and toothbrushes, etc.

monday:004 another example of how micah learns. first time I’ve ever seen him write a number, and he covers a page with them, all the way up to 16. once again, no one taught him how to do this or even suggested that he should do so. just sat down and did it.

tuesday:007 my cranberry muffins I made in preparation for the trip to california.

wednesday:004 we were actually in the car all day on wednesday, but this is the pile of laundry I did in preparation to leave.

thursday:004 the post thanksgiving dinner lounge.

friday:012 lunch with grandpa dick in oakland. I think some of micah’s facial expressions were directly handed down from him!

saturday:063 abby’s first birthday party! we were so lucky to be in town and get to be at the party to watch this pretty little girl smear green and blue frosting EVERYWHERE! after that we joined our older 2 kids, who were at the hughes’ house, and we all went down to watch the parade. THEN, dave and I met up with nolan for some drinks and a late dinner.

and the extras:2011-11-25 hanging around at gramma and papa’s over the weekend.

friday’s extras:2011-11-251 a walk around lake merritt with grandpa dick resulted in a tree climbing competition between shane and dave, and a crunch leaf fight.

2011-11-252  eventually, we made our way to the playground where kids swung and dug and spun until they felt sick! oh, and I took a picture of a blimp. that was a first for me!

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