Sunday, November 6, 2011

week 44 in pictures

sunday:014pumpkin carving in the garage!

monday:2011-10-311happy halloween! I’m also including a collage of some pics I took at layla’s class halloween party… and shane, missing his party.2011-10-31

tuesday:001micah, modeling his new 49ers footie pajamas that he got for his birthday.

wednesday:003 layla, sick. she looks so pathetic. she really didn’t feel well. but toby has been great about keeping the designated sick person company. sweet kitty.

thursday:006after dinner and jammies, we had a little family wii fest. we had time for some bowling and baseball. btw, I SUCK at baseball.

friday:007another family night of pizza and beans. layla and my mom had a puzzle to work on together.

saturday:050so, I totally thought I would be using a picture from the birthday party layla attended for saturday’s picture. but, that situation got trumped by the dynamite WINNING their first game of the season!!!! so we had a celebratory dinner afterward at… red robin. of course.

so I’ll be using the party pics for a big collage sheet in the middle.2011-11-05

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