Monday, November 14, 2011

week 45 in pictures

sunday:003 layla’s fancy play-doh pie.

monday:007 the dogs have arrived!

tuesday:015 peanut in the ‘pile’.

wednesday:019 the fascination with the dog kennels continues. layla did her homework in here.

thursday:2011-11-101 layla tossing leaves at the park.

friday:003 no school. so layla and I played a game of battleship. first time she’s been old enough to really understand the grid and guessing system.

saturday (not really):010 from earlier in the week. my first ‘red cup’ of the season.

extras:2011-11-07 a big collage of all things DOG-related.

2011-11-10 and another big collage of some pics I took at the park. love fall colors!

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