Monday, November 21, 2011

is it time to go to california yet?

so, we’re planning a trip south to visit dave’s folks down in california. poor micah is having trouble with this concept of planning.

almost every day, for the past week, he’s asked, “are we going to california today?”

layla, on the other hand, has just been pestering me as to when she can start packing. she’s got it written (and illustrated) on the calendar, and has become an expert in counting down the days.

micah, not so much.

it doesn’t occur to him that we would, perhaps, put suitcases in the car before we left. the fact that I’ve told him over and over again, that he has to sleep *      * many more times in his bed before we go… irrelevant.

if we are all in the car at the same time, “are we going to california now?”

nope. sorry.

“aaawwwww.” (pouty face)

yesterday morning, we were in the car, on the way to church, when all of a sudden micah yells out, “we forgot to bring our swimsuits!”

we were all kind of confused as to why we needed to bring our swimsuits to church, but he’s micah, and frequently says random things that don’t make any sense. so we all chuckled a little and went on. and then we got off the freeway at the exit for church, and he pipes up, “hey! this is the way to go to church!” and we were like, yeah, cuz that’s where we’re going.

“oh. (pouty face) I thought we were going to california.”

and that would explain the swimsuits.

(the fact that it’s november, and we won’t be swimming anyway, is also irrelevant…)

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