Sunday, October 30, 2011

week 43 in pictures

sunday:2011-10-23we finally had a little party for micah on sunday evening. a couple of families from our church came for some burgers, dogs, snacks and cake. I’m putting this big collage in the book for that ‘day’, and in the sunday slot, I have an envelope from the card that his little friend, ella, (who I managed to not photograph at all) decorated for him. super cute, and of course I have to save it, because they are going to get married.

monday: 039 I brought home a ton of golden delicious apples from off of my dad’s tree and prepped them for drying. I borrowed my mom’s fancy corer/peeler/slicer thingimajig. this thing is so awesome, and cuts the apples perfectly for drying.

tuesday:037 shane ‘won’ this ridiculous inflatable bowling pin at an arcade we went to during the soccer tournament last december in vancouver. every now and then it resurrects in the house. micah, especially, who is obsessed with bowling, LOVES to play with it.

and this is where the week kind of derails. dave and I both got sick with this heinous cold, so we really didn’t do much of anything. I also didn’t take pictures of us doing nothing, so I have nothing to show for the nothing we did. so I’m filling in the wednesday and thursday (as well as one of the smaller center slots) with some awesome pictures I took of fall leaves on saturday when I was at shane’s soccer game.008009010

friday:003 well, dave and I pulled ourselves together enough to go out and buy costumes for layla and shane, who were all excited about the ‘monster mash’ halloween party at their school that night. then we pulled ourselves together enough to feed the kids cereal for dinner and head out to make an appearance at the party. the kids had fun, and it would have been a great opportunity to take awesome pictures of them and their friends, dressed up, but I obviously did not pull myself all the way together because I forgot my camera. so instead, we have a picture of layla, reading a book to micah on the couch.

saturday:004 layla’s final soccer game of the season and this was the final huddle of the game. this is such a fun team. we really hope this core of 6 girls will stick together.

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