Sunday, October 23, 2011

week 42 in pictures

sunday:021a little blurry because it’s practically impossible to take good pictures inside our church… and also because I felt that it might be a little bit odd that I was taking a picture in church… and also because if shane knew I was taking the picture in church, he would have confiscated it… at any rate, shane was the acolyte at the 11:00 service. I felt I should document it, since I spent most sundays of my adolescence doing this exact thing. except I got to wear a groovy white robe with a hood. they still use those at 8:30.

monday:032micah’s 4th birthday! these are the balloons daddy brought home for him. yes, we are still, very much, stuck on thomas.

tuesday:027 love trees putting on their fall colors. I especially love they way some trees seem to do it a branch at a time.

wednesday:002dave was sneaky and took this pic of shane playing with micah’s new birthday present. he likes to claim he doesn’t like toys anymore, but I think he really likes having a little brother so he can get a fix in every now and then.

thursday:004at a MOMS club function, micah spent about 15 minutes under this plastic bin. not sure why. every now and then, he would reach out and grab a small toy that was within reach and haul it under there with him. sometimes moms would lift it and check on him. sometimes other kids would sit on the bin… he was happy as a clam.

friday:2011-10-21 this was layla’s physical therapy appointment this week.

saturday:024 just some more fall gorgeousness in the library parking lot. something about these magical colors makes me suddenly want to become bob ross. sadly, I know nothing about painting happy trees, so I’ll let God continue to wow me with stuff like this, and I’ll probably just keep taking pictures.

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