Sunday, October 16, 2011

week 41 in pictures

sunday:093well, I made waffles for dinner. when I was getting out the ingredients to make them, I discovered that I had only 1 egg. the recipe calls for 2. I didn’t want to go to the store OR bug the neighbors (again), so I decided to throw in milled flax seed and water as a substitute. the back of the package has measurements for using it in place of stuff like eggs or oil in recipes, so I figured I’d save myself a trip and try that. I didn’t consider the fact that, although the waffles didn’t taste any different, the waffle iron was less than willing to release them… lesson learned.
monday:091gramma laurie supplied us with these great rolls of white drawing paper. layla, devastated that she had reached the end of a roll, made the best of the situation by doing something SO typical of her. she turned the tube that was on the inside of the roll into a project. I’m pretty sure this was a bucket (notice the paper taped over the bottom end) which she drew various pictures all over – inside and out.
tuesday:   002we had missy staying with us again while her people were in paris. she and toby… well, that whole cliché about cats and dogs… yup.
wednesday:008012layla’s orthopedics appointment at children’s.
thursday:005we have several hummingbirds that like to visit the fuschia basket I have hanging right outside of the slider to the backyard. I love watching them come and take their little sips. one day the came and then flew off real quick, but I had a hunch they might be back, so I stayed by the window and got the camera all ready. when they came back, I snapped a bunch of pictures. most were bad, but I love this one.
friday:007my mom’s birthday was actually the day before, but they were coming over this night anyway, so we had a little party then. we’ve been alternating friday pizza nights at each other’s houses, which is super fun. I love this picture of her w/ her grandkids (too bad micah was looking at the dessert and not the camera). she looks so happy and healthy now, which is a BIG deal after the ordeal this summer. LOVE you, MOM!
saturday:020a pair of deer were visiting my across the street neighbor’s tomatoes and flowers. good neighbor that I am, I snuck out and took pictures, rather than chasing them away. (yes, I felt guilty about it, if that means anything.) layla was leaning against the post, watching, still dressed from her soccer game earlier. love it!
that’s it! more birthday stuff next week!!!

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  1. So, her sweatshirt says Dapelo and is from soccer? I was going to ask where you got it. So cute!



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