Thursday, October 6, 2011

visit from the fire department!

our moms club had a fire fighter from our local fire department come and give a demonstration for the kids at our meeting! micah was very excited when the big fire engine pulled up out in the parking lot.

fireman david ran through your basic demonstration of talking to the kids, while there in his regular clothes and then, one by one, putting on pieces of his gear, and explaining what each piece was for. indoor pics are a little sketchy. couldn’t use the flash because of all the reflective strips on his stuff, so some are kind of blurry, if someone was moving.047052053056059062     micah was not one of the brave ones who went to touch him in full gear. micah is absolutely typical of all of my kids in a situation like this. never says a word during the demonstration, never asks or answers a question, seems almost glazed over and checked out and you wonder if he’s even getting any of it, and then goes home and chatters all afternoon about fireman david and all the stuff he learned about!

after that demonstration, we got to go outside and check out the truck!068069070     I thought this symbol on the truck was really cool!080micah, driving!081     I made him stand next to the wheel to show how big it was. he did not get why I was taking this picture at all, which is evidenced in his face…084     we didn’t get a demonstration of the siren, but he did spray a hose for us, and the kids got to help!088089    and of course, every one got a plastic fire hat and a badge!

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