Monday, October 31, 2011

pumpkin carving!

so… I’m kind of a bad mom when it comes to stuff like dyeing easter eggs and carving pumpkins. I really just don’t like to do it. I really don’t feel that bad about the easter egg thing, but I do feel bad about the pumpkins. but, nonetheless, I think the last time we carved pumpkins in our family was when layla was about 2. pathetic. BUT we had 4 big pumpkins growing in the garden and we (and by ‘we’, I mean shane and layla) were determined to carve them!

well, I guess I haven’t been checking on the garden so much after everything else quit growing or got eaten by deer, because when we went out on sunday evening, to harvest them, we were surprised to find them all still in varying shades of green! oh well, we brought them in and decided to carve anyway.

after I clipped them on the vine, shane basically took over the whole operation (score!). he grabbed the wheelbarrow and brought it around, loaded the pumpkins in, brought them over to the hose and washed them off, and then we brought them into the garage, where we weighed them (all between 11 and 17 pounds), dried them off, borrowed newspapers from the neighbors, and set to work. initially, we had grand plans to carve all of them. layla chose the smallest and orangest pumpkin to be hers. of course she decided she was scared of the knife, and later, the guts, so she basically told shane what she wanted and where, and he carved it for her.


repeat with the largest, greenest pumpkin for micah!015 after those two, we took a break to eat dinner, with intentions of shane carving his own pumpkin.

well, he was coming down with ‘the heinous cold’ and wound up losing his motivation. so, we had 2 jack-o-lanterns, which we brought with us to my parents’ house – where we traditionally spend halloween. I thought they were pretty darn cute.001

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