Monday, October 10, 2011

week 40 in pictures

sunday:040    quite possibly the longest carrot I’ve ever seen!
monday:009     we had a LOT of laughs when we discovered this fabulous trick that micah can do with his nostrils.
tuesday:002     dirt of any sort is magnetic for this kid. magnetic.
wednesday:032    looked out the front window and this lovely lady was walking across the front of our yard. she was headed toward the garden… not that I care much anymore. the only thing left out there is pumpkins and they actually leave those alone.033     ran back to our bedroom to get a better view as she moved toward the garden and discovered this little one, already over there. aww… mom and baby. at this point, layla freaked out into complete hysteria over the idea that there are hunters out there who might shoot them. I had to assure her that hunting is not allowed in areas where people live (it’s true! there’s a “no shooting” sign at the end of our street! yes, we live in the boonies, why do you ask? haha!) and those deer live around here so they will be safe. sheesh! so much drama from that one now. she has an amazing grasp of the WORST possible situation that could arise and likes to latch on to that. anxiety anyone?
thursday:089    a visit from the fire department at our moms club meeting. fireman david and his truck were a big hit!
friday:004     every friday, I go to the kids’ school and sort trash. okay, well it’s not that bad. we participate in a program through terra cycle that ‘recycles’ unrecyclables. we collect caprisun pounches and chip bags, which we send them and they make them into nifty stuff like backpacks and purses. somehow my helium hand got me in charge of this, so now I go every friday and empty the collection bin, bagging the chip bags together, and making sure all the caprisuns are empty and strawless before bagging them. fun fun!
saturday:003     layla’s ankle, swollen again. searching for answers. we have an appointment at children’s to see an orthopedist this week. will update!

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