Monday, October 3, 2011

week 39 in pictures

sunday:2011-09-25     this is a little (big) extra from sunday that I’m putting in. I decided to do a big collage of this because there were too many pictures I wanted to include and I didn’t want them to be itty bitty. but this is layla and micah participating in the kids’ races at the cyclocross race we went to at marymoor. our friends, cole and kat (and their boys) were there racing and we went to join and cheer them on (and just hang out because it’s always a good time when we hang out w/ them). this was micah’s first race. it was pretty cute. everyone who races gets snacks for a prize.

sunday:063     this is the picture I’m actually putting in the sunday slot of the book. micah took the little gingerbread guys from candyland and was giving them a ride on his train. he’s always doing stuff like this.

monday:064we got to go to the mariners game on my parents’ ‘fancy tickets’ in the all-star club. THIS was the ONLY picture we took. pathetic. my dad was there, my aunt was there, we met up with friends of dave’s that were also in the ballpark (we were smuggling them coffee and cookies from the all-star club stash – food is all free and all-you-can-eat up there). we didn’t even do a silly selfie of us at the game. but there you go… the view from our seats. oh, and the mariners won! amazing.

tuesday:066     having a dog is very handy when you’ve got kids who spill stuff. we don’t have a dog anymore, which sucks on a lot of levels, but we have a cat. layla spilled her milk and he was ON IT. it was hilarious to watch that little tongue go to town. (no, I didn’t let him have it all.)

wednesday:011     well, sue was in town, so we had her, along w/ ‘the locals’, amy, adam, and finnigan (and the dogs) up for dinner. hilarious as always. the kids think it’s so great when dogs come to visit us. all day I kept getting asked, “is today the day that amy and adam are coming for dinner? are they bringing their dogs?” don’t worry guys, we like you, too. somehow or other, the elvis sunglasses made an appearance at the dinner table. finn had fun yanking them off as fast as he could. and then we ate some “chicken” stew and flung utensils at people... LOL!

thursday:008     I posted on fb that I had pushed micah, in the chariot, to the top of the pipeline trail. this is the pipeline trail, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it. I took this picture from the top, looking down toward where I had started. I have no idea what the elevation gain on this is, but pushing that thing up that hill was CRAZY. I’ll definitely be doing it again! LOL! I was sore for DAYS after that. oh, and the way back down isn’t much easier. the chariot (unlike most joggers) has no hand break, so it was all me, keeping that thing from rolling on down the hill. phew!

friday:013    kids + bubbles.

saturday:003     my kids like carrots. whole carrots. they like to eat them “what’s up, doc?” style. layla asked for one, then while I was peeling it, went and got the bunny mask so she’d be in character.

that’s it!

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