Tuesday, October 11, 2011

improvements on the picky eating front

everyone knows about micah and his “I hate dinner” stance. the kid won’t eat anything for dinner unless it’s a hot dog, chicken nugget, or breakfast food.

he will not eat regular chicken, beef, pork, seafood, soup, casseroles, pizza, rice, most vegetables except carrots, peas, corn on the cob, and sometimes green beans.

he still will eat almost any fruit, but gets most of his sustenance from eating yogurt or peanut butter sandwiches.

everyone also knows my stance on the whole ‘alternate meal option’ thing. as in, I’m opposed. I make dinner. I serve dinner. food is on his plate. if he chooses not to eat it, too bad for him. so far, he has not starved, but neither has it inspired him to expand his horizons any.

micah is also EXTREMELY stubborn. he cannot be convinced or bribed threatened or forced in any way, to eat. no way, no how, not happening.

but recently, we have had 2 MAJOR breakthroughs on this front. MAJOR!

1. about a week ago, we were having chili and cornbread for dinner. as usual, I put food in front of him and he ignored it. originally, he had said he wanted a piece of cornbread, but once he got it, he refused to eat it. at some point, when he wasn’t paying attention, dave pulled off a small chunk and popped it into his mouth before he knew what had happened. he started to proceed with the usual ritual of freaking out and then spitting out whatever had been placed in his mouth against his will, when…… GASP… he stopped. said, “I like it!” and… wait for it… chewed it up and ATE THE REST OF THE PIECE OF CORNBREAD! huge, people! huge. (of course, he still refused to touch the chili, but we still called it a victory and high fives were passed between parents.)


2. last night we were having pork chops. he had some on his plate, along with potatoes and vegetables. he was eating his vegetables and ignoring everything else, as usual. dave busted out a bag of frozen blueberries and told micah that he could have some if he tried a bite of pork chop. he pointed to the smallest piece and told him that all he had to do was try that smallest bite to get some blueberries. and micah said, “I don’t want that bite. I want a different one!” again, GASP! assured that he could choose whichever bite he wanted, we all held our breath as he… took his fork, speared a piece, and PUT IT INTO HIS MOUTH!!!!!! you could tell he was trying desperately to like it, it was a little spicy, and he wound up not liking it. he even tried another piece, but he didn’t like that either. he got 3 frozen blueberries out of the deal and we all clapped and cheered.

it has been 2+ years since micah has eaten like a normal person and in that time has NEVER, not once, allowed himself to be bribed or tricked into eating something. NEVER. I thought my other kids were stubborn, but no one holds a candle to micah.

so there’s a glimmer of hope!

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