Monday, October 17, 2011

happy birthday to micah!

micah, 4 years ago on the day he was born. he weighed a whopping 7 pounds, 15 ounces! SA400018

october 17, 2008: we had some family friends over for a little party for micah’s first birthday. look at those curls!!! waaahhh!Picture 076

october 17, 2009: another little party of family friends. this was the year we had to bring the cake to him, because he was unwilling to stop playing with his new trains!122

and, october 17, 2010: we had a joint birthday dinner for him and grandma at red robin, followed by presents and cupcakes at home.014

and, october 17, 2011: micah is a big 4 year old today! he had his candles in his birthday panCAKEs (we’ll be doing a little party on sunday, with the REAL cake – pics to come). yes, he was very excited about the sausage and never did put it down the whole time we were singing to him! his choice of birthday dinner was blueberry pancakes and sausages.042

I cannot believe my BABY is 4 years old. yes, I cried a little last night as I was saying good night to a 3 year old for the last time… waaaaahhhhh!!!!

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