Monday, September 26, 2011

week 38 in pictures

sunday:081     10:30pm. micah still has his cold, which meant that he took a nap that day. micah taking a nap is bad news. he will not go to sleep at night. ugh. so he was up in the evening and finally passed out like this. oh, and before any family members get all up in arms about those jammies, don’t worry. if you ask him what kind of jammies those are, he’ll say, “boo sea-chicken jammies!”

monday: 060     my new RED french press dave picked up for me! red kitchen stuff makes me very happy! and I’m super happy to have an ‘every day’ coffee maker that doesn’t take up the whole counter!

tuesday:083     just one of those random things you find when you have kids…

wednesday:085     quite possibly the world’s shortest pencil! layla insisted on doing her homework with it.

thursday:086     another adventure in making broccoli-cheddar soup. my blender does NOT like hot stuff.

friday:063    rock-star layla… in a frilly nightgown with hearts all over it…

saturday:001    during layla’s soccer game, shane was kicking the ball around, over to the side. he managed to get his ball stuck in the net over the baseball backstop on the field.

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  1. I think Ian is on the same homework page...when do they get real homework?!?



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