Monday, September 19, 2011

week 37 in pictures

sunday:001     layla had a birthday party in the afternoon to attend. here she is with the birthday girl.

monday:003    for dinner, we had tacos. when we do this, I just put bowls of all of the ‘fillings’ on the table and everyone builds their own with the stuff they want in it. this is what micah put on his plate. yes, we took some back. we had to or no one else would get any cheese! ignore the wierdo look on his face and just look at the huge mound of cheese…

tuesday:006     layla made this fancy volcano cake out of playdough.

wednesday:005    dave was doing some work from home and had his CAD program open. micah got all excited about the stuff he was ‘drawing’. it’s hard to see in the picture, but dave used the program to write micah’s name. he thought it was great!

thursday:001     the return of the elvis sunglasses. this time on toby. poor cat.

friday:001     micah had a little cold. I knew he was tired, but this non-napper was not going to have any of it. we settled on quiet time and this is what I found upon investigation of ‘why is it so quiet?’.

saturday:080    we were babysitting our neighbors’ dog, missy, while they were out of town. the kids were THRILLED to have a dog around again. missy just made herself at home.

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