Monday, September 12, 2011

week 36 in pictures

sunday:2011-09-04    monday was our actual anniversary, but we went out on sunday afternoon/evening. ever since I was a kid, and would cross the 520 bridge, I would always look down in the water by the arboretum and see people paddling around in canoes. it looked like so much fun and I’ve always wanted to do it, so we did! honestly, it was totally as great as I had imagined it would be, maybe even better! not outrageously exciting, but still, SO fun. we will definitely do this again. after that, we headed over to varlamo’s for dinner and finished of the evening w/ some starbucks and a stroll around u village.

monday:2011-09-05    it was labor day, and dave didn’t have to work, so he and shane went fishing with our neighbor, chuck. shane was SUPER excited to go (big truck hauling a big boat, putting big boat in the water, driving big boat, fishing, putting big boat back on trailer and hauling it home behind big truck… you get the idea. doesn’t get much more shane than that.). dave was pretty excited too, even though he’d never fished before. they wound up catching 5 salmon; 4 pink and 1 coho, and were back by 1. amy, adam, and finnigan came over for dinner and dave grilled the coho. sound-to-plate in around 6 hours. how’s that for fresh dinner! we had a great time and a great dinner.

tuesday:2011-09-06    this is the way I’m putting this pic in the book (because it’s oriented vertically), so I’ll just post it here like that.

wednesday:005     that’s shane with our neighbor, chuck. chuck’s wife, terry, recently got this spider 3 wheeled ‘motorcycle’ and shane thinks it’s the greatest thing ever.

thursday:137     several of my raspberry bushes are STILL producing! look at all those green ones! it’s not enough to do anything with, at this point, but it’s a great little treat for me when I go out to water the garden. I have no idea why these aren’t done like the rest of the bushes, but I’m not complaining!

friday:136     you know how, when your kids are babies, you take a million pictures of them sleeping? and then you stop. probably because they start doing more interesting stuff that you can take pictures of… this just struck me as so cute, so I had to take a picture. poor guy had had a little fever the day before and a little bit in the night, too. still, so cute!

saturday:2011-09-10     saturday was the start of soccer season! that’s all I have to say about that, since I already posted everything there is to post about it.

the end.

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  1. I thought I had already commented but apparently not...
    Joe and I went on a paddle boat when we went to Catalina Island before we were "official". It was so much fun! There is just something about little boats I think. I should mention that we ran into a fairly large yacht. Awkward!



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