Monday, August 29, 2011

my mom’s progress

I haven’t updated in awhile because there hasn’t been a ton to report. no news is good news, right? this is especially true in this case.

on friday afternoon, my mom was released from the hospital and moved to a care/rehab center in bellevue. she was not quite ready to be at home, but didn’t need to be in the hospital anymore. at this point, she is pretty much ‘over’ the procedure (meaning no pain/nausea), but still has a slight fever off and on (which was expected). she is also having to work at getting her appetite back to where it should be – which is necessary because the main reason she’s unable to come home yet is weakness. walking to the bathroom and back wears her out. so she is working with physical therapists at the rehab place to get her moving more and try to rebuild some strength.

we went to visit her yesterday evening (and to bring her a slice of pecan pie and some starbucks coffee). the kids were excited to be able to see her (it’s been about 2 weeks). they also had fun riding in a wheel chair they found! we had a good visit and it’s so nice to see her feeling so optimistic and happy. she’s also very enthusiastic about her PT.

I’ll update again when there’s something to tell. for now, thanks a ton for all prayers. it’s been so wonderful to feel the outpouring of support from everyone.

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