Thursday, August 11, 2011

my broccoli cheddar soup adventure

so I had a bunch of broccoli in the fridge. last night, I made angie’s sesame oil sautéed broccoli (with carrots) and I wanted another way to fix it, other than just steaming it. that paired w/ the not so warm weather had me thinking SOUP! so I went on a quest to find a good broccoli cheese soup recipe. a lot of them call for american or velveeta (gag). I want some good, old fashioned cheddar. the sharper, the better! found one on the food network site that looked promising.

almost famous broccoli-cheddar soup

I actually mostly followed the recipe (gasp), with the exception of using only half of an onion (so as not to upset dave’s stomach), and I used all 32 ounces of chicken broth, rather than just the 3 cups it called for. other than that, I did it exactly as they said.

I made bread bowls using my w/w sourdough recipe (which, looking at my posted recipes, I see I will have to post soon). the only glitch was when I put the soup into the blender (my new hand-me-down cuisinart, thanks to jennifer and andrew) for a quick shot of pureeing, the power of the mixing soup popped the top off of the blender, even though my hand was ON it! eek! apparently I hadn’t shoved it down all the way. and so, I had hot soup spattered all down the blender, all over the coffee maker, counter, cupboard fronts, floor, my arm, foot… yeah. that was cool. so, because of that mess, we ate a tad late and the boys had to shovel it in to head off to soccer practice. BUT, everyone liked it (well not micah “I hate soup” because he doesn’t like ANYTHING), so I’ll definitely be saving this recipe. it didn’t take that long to make (maybe an hour, sans bread bowls), so I like that flexibility. it would be good in regular bowls w/ some good sourdough to dip in it, or even w/ just a handful of croutons thrown on top.

I highly recommend it. just make sure you have the top securely on your blender! LOL!

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