Monday, August 22, 2011

week 33 in pictures

I don’t have a picture for sunday… will have to have one of the kids draw something.


here, we have layla, expressing her death-wish. her newfound talent in hula hooping is manifesting itself all over the place, and in odd, and sometimes precarious, positions. here, she’s balanced at the very top of the big, metal slide, which is balanced on top of the little plastic climber, which is on the edge of the deck. maybe the magic wand in her hand has cast some safety spell around her. she lived, but succeeded in giving me a heart attack first.


tuesday:007     layla, micah and I took a picnic to the park. on the way back, micah was determined to carry the cooler. you can’t see it very well in the picture, but it also has 3 filled water bottles clipped to the front of the handle. he didn’t make it very far before he gave it back to me.

wednesday:001     notice what’s going on in the background of this picture: our backyard neighbors were having their roof replaced. VERY exciting! from watching a big dumpster arrive on a truck to be parked in their driveway, to watching the rip off shingles, lots of hammering, and all that sort of general excitement, the kids were in the back yard A LOT. this day, they ate their lunch on the trampoline so they could watch the roofers work while they ate.

thursday:023     the first two green beans from my garden!!!

friday: photo  dave snapped this picture with his phone from the deck of our neighbor’s house where we had dinner friday night. beautiful sunset over the lake. if you look down in the left bottom corner, you can see the silhouette of 2 canoes full of kids. it was quite entertaining to see them all out there paddling around, and even attempting a little canoe-hopping (all safely, of course).

saturday:004    my cycle boys. dave took shane to look for some bike gear and they were successful at finding a good deal on some clip-in pedals and shoes. if you’re not familiar with this concept, I’ll enlighten you. it terrifies me! the bottom of your shoes actually CLIP to your pedals. yes, you can pull them out, and apparently, once you get the hang of it, it’s not that difficult to do, but still, the concept terrifies me. at any rate, that evening, shane wanted to take a ride around the neighborhood to try it out. dave decided to go with him and they wound up riding 5 miles. dave spent some time teaching shane road rules and hand signals and such. stuff like how to indicate to your riding partner that a car is approaching, or you’re coming up on a pot hole (or in their case, a pile of horse poop). this was all prep for the 16 mile ride they took on sunday, home from church!

and the extras:2011-08-16

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