Tuesday, August 16, 2011

week 32 in pictures

very layla-heavy this week. camera magnet.

sunday:087    do not believe that crap about boys and girls being no different. I used to believe it. I did everything I could to provide gender neutral toys and experiences. and then I experienced reality. shane and micah play with cars in this way: they line then up. they race them. they crash them. they make outrageous wrecking noises and ‘vroom vroom’ noises. they build stuff like car washes and repair shops and off-road vehicle parks out of blocks for the cars to use… layla plays with cars in this way. (and may I add that this is all after the cars have had baby cars and taken their naps under the blanket…

monday:2011-08-08    layla is super happy to have mastered the hula hoop!

tuesday:095    this magic little piece of plastic was in layla’s stocking last christmas. it’s a card holder and is SO awesome for little kids who want to play card games, but can’t manage a whole handful of cards.

wednesday:003  this picture cracks me up. micah built this complicated whatever out of blocks and layla was SO impressed with it, she ran off, made a sign for him to hold, and took his picture. so typical! (in case you’re not fluent in kindergartenese, it says, “I made it all by myself. signed, micah”)

thursday:002   this is a little nasty, but shane has been losing teeth like crazy. he yanked out 3 big, fat molars in the course of 1 week. I think he may actually be OUT of teeth to lose now.

friday:005    layla and my mom, playing pick up sticks.

saturday:009    while doing some sorting at my mom’s, we ran across a random package of clay. my kids have lots of play dough, but not clay, so I brought it home for them and they love it. micah sat here for over an hour, just squishing and cutting.

and the extras. not too many this week.2011-08-11

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