Monday, August 8, 2011

week 31 in pictures


no pic, but I have a paper that micah wrote his name on repeatedly that I’m going to crop to 4x6 size.

monday:002    it finally occurred to my kids to put the slip & slide at the bottom of the big metal slide. they had lots of fun and no one wound up w/ a concussion from running into the trampoline. always good.

tuesday:033    who says you can’t style a buzz cut? layla was determined to put a clip in daddy’s hair. by some miracle, it actually stuck!

wednesday:051    I sent them to get their jammies on. they showed up a little later with odd looks on their faces wearing this. micah had this weird, guilty look on his face the whole time, and layla was all put out with this big long story about how micah MADE her put the dress on him and he made HER be the prince and that was just ridiculous because why did she have to be the prince anyway and I don’t wanna wear this stupid vest and micah should be the prince because HE’S the boy. it was rather comical.

thursday:052    MOMS club business meeting followed by lots of outdoor playtime. micah decided to plant himself in the middle of the parachute.

friday:2011-08-05    seafair weekend! we headed to a park where we had a great time 2 years ago in warm sunny weather and got to see several good shots of the blue angels’ show. this year, we had drizzle and cloudy skies. the kids still had fun on the beach (well, the younger two and their friends). shane protested and then tolerated it. and we never got any good flyovers either. disappointing.

saturday:084    I took micah and layla to marymoor for some bike riding. there’s this HUGE open lot next to the velodrome that is rarely used for anything. it’s a great place for kids to ride around without worrying about hills or cars or anything to run into.

and the extra pics:2011-08-03

that’s last week!

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