Thursday, August 11, 2011

have you seen my summer?

it started in the spring… er… I don’t know if you can really call it spring. by the calendar, it should have been spring, but it really wasn’t. it was cold and rainy. then we hit june, edging closer to summer, and people got really hopeful impatient ticked off. spring was still not really showing up. gardens were floundering and people around here were getting concerned.

so here we, almost at the half way point in AUGUST!, and we’ve had MAYBE a week of summer… here and there. I just looked at the 10 day and, while tomorrow is scheduled for sunny and 76, the rest of the forecast tops out at a scorching 71.

what. the. heck?

what’s even more ironic is that the whole rest of the country seems to be suffering through this crazy heat wave that won’t quit. temps in the 100’s and not just in arizona!

now I’m not advocating for that, but summer in the northwest usually means 80’s. at least a good share of the time. it means short sleeves. it means brown grass because people around here don’t have sprinkler systems.  it means glorious blue skies and teenagers lining the beaches along lake washington. it means fans (because people around here don’t have AC).

well, my fans are still stashed away in the garage, and only a couple of my windows are open just a crack. I’m wearing slippers and a sweatshirt, my grass is still green, and the sky is full of clouds… again.


this summer is really running out of time to redeem itself. I guess maybe we’ll have summer in the fall, since we seem to be having spring right now. and then maybe we can skip winter altogether…

well, one can hope, right?

or move.

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