Thursday, August 25, 2011

a happy update on my mom

copied from facebook update:

soo... yesterday evening i had the BEST visit with my mom! it was so nice to arrive in the room to see her sitting up and eating! she's still got a ways to go to get back to normal, but having her 'back' was just about the best thing ever.

she's still pretty weak, and last night i left just before she was about to have a blood transfusion. her red cell count was a little low, and they were hoping that, and getting back to a regular diet, will help her gain her strength back more quickly. if not, she may have to go to a rehab center for a few days before going home, just until she's able to get around better. they are trying to get her out of the hospital asap, which would make everyone happy.

at any rate, i'm SO thankful for all of the prayers, well wishes, kind words and support from everyone. knowing that people who don't even know my mom are praying for her is amazing. thank you so much!

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