Tuesday, July 12, 2011


this past weekend, dave and his friend, cole, participated in the STP bike ride. that’s seattle-to-portland. they rode their BICYCLES from seattle, all the way to portland – roughly 200 miles over 2 days. WOW!!!

this is them on sunday afternoon, just after finishing.IMG_8746

dave, crossing the finish line (blue helmet). shane was standing right in front of me and was, appropriately, cheering as I snapped the picture. that’s his hat and arm in the shot. cole crossed just in front of dave.IMG_8745

dave’s parents were in town for the lion’s club convention so they joined us for the drive down (basically to meet them at the end). we spent the night in rochester (centralia area, which is the half-way point) on saturday, and then drove to portland the next day. I was VERY happy that we got there at just about the right time so we could see them finish. it was very exciting! about 10,000 riders participated.

and I had to include this one (sorry, dave):IMG_8736

this is how we found him when we arrived in rochester the first day!

there is already talk about next year… shane is possibly wanting to do it, and dave is trying to convince me that I should do it too…

first things first… I don’t currently own a bike.

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