Monday, June 13, 2011

project life - week 23

sad week for us. it’s funny, when I started this project life album back in january, I kind of knew that this week would very likely find it’s way, someplace in this album. I didn’t want it to, and I kind of prayed that it wouldn’t, but I knew that a 15 year old labrador was a VERY OLD dog… still, it’s tough. life is full of happy AND sad. for the most part, we’ve been blessed with a lot of happy, but this IS life. our life, and inevitably, the sad has to be there as well. project life enables you to capture that slice of reality.

the spread:015

first half:016    sunday’s pic is a collage of all the pics I took of the kids playing in the sprinkler. too hard to choose just one. monday is the day sophie died, so the pic I used for that day was the letter layla wrote to her friend, makenna, telling her about it. I thought it was really sweet and fit the situation nicely.

extras: 017    on this side, I stuck some little things into the sleeve that were pertinent to saying goodbye to sophie. the card we got from the vet’s office, the note attached to the flowers that dave’s parents sent me (how thoughtful!), and the letter layla wrote, and never wound up delivering. if she decides she wants to, it can easily be removed.

the back side of that is the flyer from shane’s band concert which was on thursday.

the latter half:018    nothing unusual here, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted about all of those pictures, so no explanation necessary.

and that is (a very sad) week 23.

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