Monday, July 25, 2011

week 29 in pictures

sunday:023    layla FINALLY decided she was brave enough to change her earrings. she got these earrings from my parents for her birthday, and conceded that it would be okay to wear them to church on sunday to show them. so she did. it was slightly traumatic as I had a heck of a time getting the backings off her studs, but then my parents didn’t even come to church that day!

monday:2011-07-18    this is SO typical of shane. I was doing the laundry and, as usually, zipping zippers and checking pockets. shane has this crazy mindless habit of shredding whatever it is that happens to be in his pocket. like seriously SHREDDING. this time we had kleenex in the right pocket and starburst wrappers in the left.

tuesday:001     this is what layla’s ankle looked like on tuesday when I took her to the dr. the first time. a tad swollen, you think?

wednesday:003    here’s dave being burly. when he mows the back yard, he has to move the climber so he can mow under it. sometimes shane or I help him, but sometimes he just does it himself. like the lovely spot of dead grass? yeah, that’s where our tent sat for a week. it wouldn’t stop raining long enough for it to dry out so I could take it down. FINALLY!

thursday:004     happy birthday to me! I had to celebrate the occasion by sitting for 2+ hours in the dept. of licensing to get my expiring driver’s license renewed. the kids stayed with my parents and before we left, my dad harvested some snap peas for us. layla found some other creative uses for them besides just being yummy to eat.

friday:012     my dear OLD friend, letitia was in town from michigan (I can say this because I’ve known her since we were probably 5 or 6, if not younger, she was my absolute bestest friend and sanity saver in 6th grade at a new school, AND [most importantly] she’s a day older than me!). we got our kids together to play at the park and had a wonderful time catching up. LOVE this girl as much as always!!!

saturday:013     is this a repeat of the previous saturday? yeah, pretty much. same stomach bug, different victim. on saturday morning, layla got up and was watching some cartoons. I noticed, after about an hour, that she hadn’t touched her bowl of cereal and hadn’t moved from her spot on the couch. I asked her why and she said she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t feel like eating. well, the rest is pretty self-explanatory… she got hit pretty hard and was pretty miserable, but thankfully, was feeling better by sunday.

and the extra pics from the week:2011-07-21

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