Sunday, July 3, 2011

week 26 in pictures

monday:001  layla and, especially, micah, have discovered the game of life. they have some interesting rules for playing it. it’s very fun to listen to them play… not so much fun to try to convince them to clean it all up…

tuesday:004    I made some ‘all-fruit’ popsicles with watermelon, strawberries, and grapes. they loved them!

wednesday:003     I found this baby bunny out my front window one morning. so cute! but it had better stay out of my garden!

thursday:009    micah LOVES corn on the cob. this kid can plow though an ear in minutes! I bought some on tuesday and we didn’t have it until thursday, which was torture for him. every day, he would pull it out of the fridge and ask if he could eat some!

friday:013     I took layla and micah to the park in the afternoon. dave met us there when he got off the bus after work. then we got our friday pizza, and brought it back to the park for a picnic. layla was jumping off the swing! not sure if it was her first time, or just the first time I’d ever seen it… she thought it was pretty fun!

saturday:016    well, even though it wasn’t the official start of summer in the PNW (july 5th), the kids convinced dave to set up the pool. you know, because mid-70’s is “hot” around here…

so there’s our week. and yes, there’s a noticeable absence of shane. that’s because he wasn’t here! lucky kid was still in california!

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