Tuesday, July 12, 2011

happy 12th birthday, shane!

okay, this is a little ghetto, but since I did layla’s yesterday, I figured I had better do shane’s as well. one problem, half of shane’s birthdays did not get captured in digital form. so, lacking a scanner, I took pictures of pictures. LOL. whatever. It’s a blog. crappy photos can suffice.

oh my, this is a lot of birthdays to try and remember! here goes…

july 12, 1999: shane edward was born at 3:13 pm at swedish hospital. he weighed only 6 pounds and half an ounce! 113


this picture isn’t actually from shane’s first birthday, but it’s from around that time. I don’t actually have any pictures from his first birthday, 1) because he was sick that day, and 2) my camera was broken. boo. at any rate, due to illness, there was obviously no major celebration that occurred.116


july 12, 2001: shane’s 2nd birthday went much smoother than his first. he celebrated with grandma, grandpa, mom, and uncle joel!118


july 12, 2002: shane’s 3rd birthday. he had a big party at marymoor park with lots of friends from church, grandparents, aunt marilynne and uncle loren, grandma’s cousin janet, and even (first cousins once removed) anna and elsa.119


july 12, 2003: shane’s 4th birthday. had another park party – this time at st. edwards, with some friends from church, aunt marilynne and uncle loren, mom, grandma and grandpa. this was the year he got the “shamine cake”. it was construction-themed, with road-building machines on it. he couldn’t say ‘machine’ quite right and it always came out ‘shamine’, and I found it hilarious when, in his excitement over the cake, he announced, “I got a shamine cake! I got a shamine cake!!!”121


july 12, 2004: shane’s 5th birthday. nothing major ON his birthday, but a few days later, invited friends, sean and jordana to go to “rumbling farms” (remlinger) for the day. the big story on this birthday, is that it is the year that sophie at his cake. the hamburger cake was a replacement.002


july 12, 2005: shane’s 6th birthday was a little odd. he celebrated at the henry county hospital with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and NEW BABY sister, layla, who was born the day before!Picture 009


july 12, 2006: shane’s 7th birthday. he got to have his party at chuck e. cheese in toledo, ohio with some neighborhood friends, mom, dad, layla, grandma and grandpa, and aunt mary and lily. check out those new teeth!Birthdays - First day of school 072


july 12, 2007: shane’s 8th birthday was celebrated with dad and nolan at the mariner’s game. SA400080


july 12, 2008: shane’s 9th birthday. he had a pirate-themed party with a ton of friends from all over.Picture 068 (2)


july 12, 2009: shane’s 10th birthday was celebrated in gramma and papa’s backyard with lots of family and friends. he had a fever earlier in the day, but you can see he rallied for the party. that was a weird, random illness, but fortunately, that fever was the end of it. who knows!IMG_2215


july 12, 2010: shane’s 11th birthday. dad and mom took him out to dinner at the olive garden, and then we opened presents and grandma and grandpa’s house. this was the year he got his cat, toby.002


july 11, 2011: shane’s 12th birthday, having just finished celebrating his and layla’s birthdays at great wolf lodge the day before, this ACTUAL birthday was a mellow day. he saw cars 2 in 3D with his friend wyatt, then had a birthday dinner with mom, dad, layla and micah, and grandma and grandpa at home. he chose the menu and selected shrimp, corn on the cob, chow mein, and grape juice!140

wow. hard to believe I’ve been a mom for 12 years! I wouldn’t trade it for anything! thanks, shane, for giving me the best job EVER! I love you so much!

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