Friday, July 29, 2011

team work!

it's not every day that an activity arises that invokes the cooperation of ALL of my kids. today we had one!

layla asked if i could bring the yellow table inside so she could set up a restaurant in her room. I said sure, but I would have to clean it up first. *sigh* that’s easier said than done.

back in the spring, we took the table outside so she and micah could have their lunch outside on it, and with all the wet, nasty weather and such, I just kinda left it out there, instead of bringing it back in right away so it would stay clean... which means it was dirty. gross, nasty, spiders, snails, etc. plus, because it’s an ikea snap-together set, it had various parts which had filled up with rainwater. which meant that it had to be all taken apart and dried out and cleaned and yada yada yada… all more reasons it just continued to stay outside because I didn’t want to deal with it. but I knew it needed to be done.

so I went outside with my bottle of simple green, a few cleaning rags, a towel, and a screwdriver. I put everything on the back deck and started prying tops off of stools, pulling legs out, etc. I had just gotten the table top cleaned when I hear, “can I help?” so I told layla to grab a rag and start cleaning off the table legs. pretty soon micah shows up asking to help. so I sent him to grab another rag and put him to work on the stool legs. I had been telling the kids to take all the clean pieces into the living room so they were out of the way until we could put them back together. shane walks in and sees all that and asks what’s going on, so I commissioned him to be in charge of reassembling everything!

all in all, it took about 30 minutes to get everything clean, reassembled, and moved into the bedroom. AND, it was really fun! I love it!

they’re currently ALL in there playing restaurant. (which, ironically, is not going nearly as smoothly as the cleaning portion… based on the bickering I hear down the hall.)003

ah, yes. see layla’s pouty face? apparently there was some disagreement about who would be cook, server, and customer… oh well. hope they get it worked out.

but don’t the table and stools look nice? LOL.

Monday, July 25, 2011

week 29 in pictures

sunday:023    layla FINALLY decided she was brave enough to change her earrings. she got these earrings from my parents for her birthday, and conceded that it would be okay to wear them to church on sunday to show them. so she did. it was slightly traumatic as I had a heck of a time getting the backings off her studs, but then my parents didn’t even come to church that day!

monday:2011-07-18    this is SO typical of shane. I was doing the laundry and, as usually, zipping zippers and checking pockets. shane has this crazy mindless habit of shredding whatever it is that happens to be in his pocket. like seriously SHREDDING. this time we had kleenex in the right pocket and starburst wrappers in the left.

tuesday:001     this is what layla’s ankle looked like on tuesday when I took her to the dr. the first time. a tad swollen, you think?

wednesday:003    here’s dave being burly. when he mows the back yard, he has to move the climber so he can mow under it. sometimes shane or I help him, but sometimes he just does it himself. like the lovely spot of dead grass? yeah, that’s where our tent sat for a week. it wouldn’t stop raining long enough for it to dry out so I could take it down. FINALLY!

thursday:004     happy birthday to me! I had to celebrate the occasion by sitting for 2+ hours in the dept. of licensing to get my expiring driver’s license renewed. the kids stayed with my parents and before we left, my dad harvested some snap peas for us. layla found some other creative uses for them besides just being yummy to eat.

friday:012     my dear OLD friend, letitia was in town from michigan (I can say this because I’ve known her since we were probably 5 or 6, if not younger, she was my absolute bestest friend and sanity saver in 6th grade at a new school, AND [most importantly] she’s a day older than me!). we got our kids together to play at the park and had a wonderful time catching up. LOVE this girl as much as always!!!

saturday:013     is this a repeat of the previous saturday? yeah, pretty much. same stomach bug, different victim. on saturday morning, layla got up and was watching some cartoons. I noticed, after about an hour, that she hadn’t touched her bowl of cereal and hadn’t moved from her spot on the couch. I asked her why and she said she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t feel like eating. well, the rest is pretty self-explanatory… she got hit pretty hard and was pretty miserable, but thankfully, was feeling better by sunday.

and the extra pics from the week:2011-07-21

Friday, July 22, 2011

the saga of layla's ankle

on Monday morning, layla got out of bed and complained about her ankle hurting. I looked at it, and not seeing anything or figuring how she could have injured it in her sleep, I dismissed it. she didn’t complain about it the rest of that day, even through walking to a friend’s house for a playdate, playing all afternoon, and walking home again. that evening, during dinner, she started complaining again. I thought she was being dramatic and trying to get shane in trouble, because the two of them had been horsing around. when she didn’t want to finish her dinner and crawled down the hall to get her jammies on, I went to look at it. lo and behold, it was crazy swollen! 012013 the first picture is the bad ankle, the second is the good ankle, just for comparison… so we put some ice on it and chilled out for awhile. I wrapped it in an ace bandage and put her to bed. she did not sleep. she whined and whimpered and moaned and cried. dave got her up and had a look. we put some more ice on it. we distracted her with cartoons. she cried and complained the whole time. it was definitely weird, and not like her to be THAT dramatic. when she finally fell asleep (in my bed), she moaned and whimpered ALL night, and slept fitfully, at best. I slept even worse. so I called the dr. in the morning. we went in and they looked at it. it was even more swollen then, and she wouldn’t put any weight on it. they took x-rays, which showed nothing. so… then they wanted to take her temperature and a blood test to check for infections and some indicators of scary stuff like juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile inflammatory arthritis or stuff like that. they asked if there was any family history of joint problems or conditions, and sent us home to wait for the results and to ice, elevate, and monitor her temperature because a fever would mean bad, bad stuff. doc called with blood test results and that looked pretty normal. red and white cell counts looked normal and there was another thing that was slightly elevated, but not alarmingly so. she was supposed to rest and keep weight off of it and continue w/ the ice and wrapping and elevating. so we’ve been monitoring it for the last couple days with calls between me and the dr’s office to check on how things are going. by wednesday afternoon, she was complaining about not being able to play and was asking to go to the park and jump on the trampoline. so obviously not hurting as much, but still swollen. yesterday, I let her run around like normal, but still iced and wrapped in the evening. I also noticed some discoloration by her ankle that looked like it was going to bruise. so I called them back this morning and they wanted to see her again. well... the bruising is a good thing! bruising indicates injury, not some evil condition like JRA or JIA that they were concerned about. of course, after we sit down and the nurse starts asking us questions, she leans over and whispers in my ear, "actually, mom. i know what happened. i twisted my ankle on sunday while dancing at church." nice. would have been helpful to know that sometime before FRIDAY! sheesh! i guess i can't totally blame her, since when it swelled up and started hurting, it didn't occur to me to ask her if she had done anything to hurt it recently and not told me about it. in my defense, i generally KNOW when she has done something to hurt herself. it's not something she stays quiet about. oh well. doc says she should be fine and no need to ice or wrap it anymore. she can play as long as it's not hurting her. yay! so there you go. hopefully that’s the end of it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

week 28 in pictures

sunday:IMG_8745    dave, crossing the finish line of the STP.

monday:IMG_8798    this is layla’s (and noah’s) actual birthday, and kat made a cake for them and shane so we could celebrate while we were down there. we took a little break from playing in the water at GWL to go have lunch and a little celebration with them.

tuesday:140     shane’s birthday! flashing 12 with the help of the 9 candled birthday crown.

wednesday: ??? no pic.

thursday:002     layla and micah playing in our pop-up fire truck. (yes, we wear turtlenecks in july here.)

friday:021     shane was off on an overnight ‘fern hike’ in cle elum with our neighbors, so I took the little kids bowling with a bunch of friends. it was a HOOT! micah had never been bowling before and LOVED it. I had to keep a close eye on him because he kept pushing the buttons on the computer that controls the score screen, and, he was not very good at waiting his turn. several of his friends had ‘help’ with their bowling turns.

saturday: 2011-07-16  this is from our neighbor, who took the POTD(s) for saturday. micah was sick with the stomach flu and I didn’t photograph anything involved with that.

the extra pictures of the week:2011-07-10    interestingly, these are all from sunday. oh well.

extra pics from layla’s birthday:2011-07-11

extra pics from shane’s birthday:2011-07-12

Saturday, July 16, 2011

dogs on the bus?

here’s a little glimpse into my daughter’s psyche:

of course, this has to do with dogs… there has been discussion lately about the prospect of dogs riding the bus. we recently read all of the henry huggins books by beverly cleary. (aside, if you or your children are between the ages of 5 and 100 and you have never read these books, go get them now! fabulous, wholesome, whole family entertainment. they precede the ramona books, which more people might be familiar with and are just delightful. I read them all to shane a few years ago and have just finished them with layla. we are now onto the second ramona book and loving it as much as I did when I read them as a kid. go read them. now.) at any rate, at the beginning of the first henry huggins book, when henry first gets ribsy, he tries to bring him home on the bus, which he’s told he cannot do, unless the dog is tied in a box. so in layla’s mind, dogs are not allowed on busses. then, the other day, we drove past a bus stop near our house, and there was boy there, that we see frequently walking through the neighborhood, with his dog. they were waiting at the bus stop, which set up this whole new dilemma for layla, because, according to the authority of juvenile literature, dogs are not allowed on busses! I told her that the our local transit department does allow dogs on busses, at the discretion of the driver. (bet you didn’t know that!) but still, her general assumption is that dogs are not allowed on busses.

just now, I put on 101 dalmatians for her to watch while micah naps (to sleep off his stomach bug – blech), and she noticed that, on the menu screen, there is a scene where pongo gets on a bus! a red “double ducker” bus, no less! (that’s what micah calls them.) she wanted to know why that was okay. my first answer was something along the lines of “well maybe that’s okay there.” and my second defaulted to “it’s a movie and they can do whatever they want.” apparently, neither of these answers were sufficient for layla, because she then presented the obvious answer that my highly illogical, adult brain was unable to come up with…

“well, he is a dad, you know. and dads go to work. and, you know, some dads go to work on the bus. so that’s why he had to ride the bus.”

of course! he’s got to support all those puppies somehow! LOL!

oh, to be 6!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

week 27 in pictures


dave and layla had a ‘date’ and went to the mariners game. her choice. she lasted about 4 innings…


happy 4th of july! the POTD is shane w/ his ‘roman armpits’! (inside joke.)


after a late night the day before, and a long day in the sun, riding buses and watching gramma and papa’s lions club parade, micah PASSED OUT on the way home and didn’t wake up until about 3 hours later.


yes, mary, this picture is for you! I went to warm something up and found THIS in my microwave… I plead the 5th.


shane has never been a big fan of chocolate, and had this idea that he wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies, but without the chocolate chips. odd, but whatever. I found the recipe for him and helped him here and there, but, for the most part, he made them all on his own. they were pretty good, too. even w/out the chocolate chips.


best night of the MOMS club year! the end of the year party. so much fun, and LOTS of yummy food, thanks to holly! love these ladies!


first leg of the STP down… this is how we found dave when we arrived in rochester!

and the extras:2011-07-03

no, that’s not beer in the red hook glass. it’s apple juice, but it looked so funny that I had to take a picture. she chose the glass. LOL!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

great wolf lodge!

it’s birthday time around here, and this year, we celebrated with a family stay at great wolf lodge. an indoor water park is a relatively new (and much needed) addition to western washington and the kids have been begging to go every time we pass it (which is with surprising frequency), so we decided to surprise them with an overnight stop there on our way back up from portland.

everyone was very excited and it took forEVer to get everyone to sleep that night. (side note: I’m convinced that putting kids to bed in a hotel room is a new level of hell.) in the morning (layla’s 6th birthday!), we opened a few presents, helped her with her new puzzle (a gift from gramma and papa that she’d been dying to get at), and then got our suits on and headed to breakfast.

looking through the lobby window at the water park:IMG_8788

after breakfast we headed in to the water park and had a BLAST!!! this place is really family friendly and has stuff for kids (and adults) of all ages. layla was about half an inch too short to ride the BIG slides, but that was okay. they had 2 kids’ play areas with slides and squirty things and splash pads, plus the bigger slides that are on the top of the big tower thing that has water EVERYWHERE w/ the big bucket on top. they could also go in the wave pool and the other big swimming area. they had life vests there that you could use too. so they had a ton of fun.

dave and I took turns riding the big slides with shane, which were SO much fun. I wasn’t going to do the ‘howlin’ tornado’, but shane made me. it was really fun and a little bit scary (I’m not a big fan of drops), but I survived and did it again after that – this time, I was the one going down backwards! holy cow that is way freakier! at any rate. the slides were loads of fun, and we were thinking about how awesome it will be when the little kids are a little older and we can all ride them together.

everyone had a great time. layla had a very fun birthday, shane was equally happy(which is good, since this counted for his birthday too), and I don’t think I’ve ever seen micah that happy!

I didn’t take a ton of pictures, since I was too busy having a good time and don’t have a waterproof camera, but there are a couple.

micah, on the squirting jetskis in one of the kids play areas (and layla running away – pink swimsuit bottom):IMG_8791

family picture when we were getting ready to leave. micah is tired and mad that we were leaving:IMG_8800

attempting to get a shot of the kids sitting in the big bear chair by the entrance. micah, grumpy, didn’t want to share with anyone:IMG_8801

layla wanted to have a picture taken of JUST her in the chair:IMG_8802

the three of them by the entrance:IMG_8803

all in all, a great time! I can’t wait until we save up a million dollars again so we can afford to go back!


this past weekend, dave and his friend, cole, participated in the STP bike ride. that’s seattle-to-portland. they rode their BICYCLES from seattle, all the way to portland – roughly 200 miles over 2 days. WOW!!!

this is them on sunday afternoon, just after finishing.IMG_8746

dave, crossing the finish line (blue helmet). shane was standing right in front of me and was, appropriately, cheering as I snapped the picture. that’s his hat and arm in the shot. cole crossed just in front of dave.IMG_8745

dave’s parents were in town for the lion’s club convention so they joined us for the drive down (basically to meet them at the end). we spent the night in rochester (centralia area, which is the half-way point) on saturday, and then drove to portland the next day. I was VERY happy that we got there at just about the right time so we could see them finish. it was very exciting! about 10,000 riders participated.

and I had to include this one (sorry, dave):IMG_8736

this is how we found him when we arrived in rochester the first day!

there is already talk about next year… shane is possibly wanting to do it, and dave is trying to convince me that I should do it too…

first things first… I don’t currently own a bike.

happy 12th birthday, shane!

okay, this is a little ghetto, but since I did layla’s yesterday, I figured I had better do shane’s as well. one problem, half of shane’s birthdays did not get captured in digital form. so, lacking a scanner, I took pictures of pictures. LOL. whatever. It’s a blog. crappy photos can suffice.

oh my, this is a lot of birthdays to try and remember! here goes…

july 12, 1999: shane edward was born at 3:13 pm at swedish hospital. he weighed only 6 pounds and half an ounce! 113


this picture isn’t actually from shane’s first birthday, but it’s from around that time. I don’t actually have any pictures from his first birthday, 1) because he was sick that day, and 2) my camera was broken. boo. at any rate, due to illness, there was obviously no major celebration that occurred.116


july 12, 2001: shane’s 2nd birthday went much smoother than his first. he celebrated with grandma, grandpa, mom, and uncle joel!118


july 12, 2002: shane’s 3rd birthday. he had a big party at marymoor park with lots of friends from church, grandparents, aunt marilynne and uncle loren, grandma’s cousin janet, and even (first cousins once removed) anna and elsa.119


july 12, 2003: shane’s 4th birthday. had another park party – this time at st. edwards, with some friends from church, aunt marilynne and uncle loren, mom, grandma and grandpa. this was the year he got the “shamine cake”. it was construction-themed, with road-building machines on it. he couldn’t say ‘machine’ quite right and it always came out ‘shamine’, and I found it hilarious when, in his excitement over the cake, he announced, “I got a shamine cake! I got a shamine cake!!!”121


july 12, 2004: shane’s 5th birthday. nothing major ON his birthday, but a few days later, invited friends, sean and jordana to go to “rumbling farms” (remlinger) for the day. the big story on this birthday, is that it is the year that sophie at his cake. the hamburger cake was a replacement.002


july 12, 2005: shane’s 6th birthday was a little odd. he celebrated at the henry county hospital with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and NEW BABY sister, layla, who was born the day before!Picture 009


july 12, 2006: shane’s 7th birthday. he got to have his party at chuck e. cheese in toledo, ohio with some neighborhood friends, mom, dad, layla, grandma and grandpa, and aunt mary and lily. check out those new teeth!Birthdays - First day of school 072


july 12, 2007: shane’s 8th birthday was celebrated with dad and nolan at the mariner’s game. SA400080


july 12, 2008: shane’s 9th birthday. he had a pirate-themed party with a ton of friends from all over.Picture 068 (2)


july 12, 2009: shane’s 10th birthday was celebrated in gramma and papa’s backyard with lots of family and friends. he had a fever earlier in the day, but you can see he rallied for the party. that was a weird, random illness, but fortunately, that fever was the end of it. who knows!IMG_2215


july 12, 2010: shane’s 11th birthday. dad and mom took him out to dinner at the olive garden, and then we opened presents and grandma and grandpa’s house. this was the year he got his cat, toby.002


july 11, 2011: shane’s 12th birthday, having just finished celebrating his and layla’s birthdays at great wolf lodge the day before, this ACTUAL birthday was a mellow day. he saw cars 2 in 3D with his friend wyatt, then had a birthday dinner with mom, dad, layla and micah, and grandma and grandpa at home. he chose the menu and selected shrimp, corn on the cob, chow mein, and grape juice!140

wow. hard to believe I’ve been a mom for 12 years! I wouldn’t trade it for anything! thanks, shane, for giving me the best job EVER! I love you so much!


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