Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what I wore wednesday

didn’t do much better this week, picture-wise. a little. but mostly I did okay with the clothes. last thursday and friday were miserable failures. I think I was in my jammies all day on friday (busy putting 2008’s pictures in my PL album). but, dave’s uncle came to my rescue on saturday by inviting us out to brunch. yay. I HAD to get decent clothes on! I also wore clothes to church on sunday. (that sounds dumb. of course I did, I don’t go to one of those naked churches.) and on monday, as well, but dave took the camera with him this weekend (and took ZERO pictures) so I don’t have photographic proof of that. oh well.


me & my hunny! you can’t tell, but I AM wearing pants in this picture. I swear! dark jeans, in fact. but as for what you can see:

  • black top (it’s really short sleeve): thrifted
  • pink cami & black sweater: express
  • scarf & necklace: target


  • top: old navy
  • jeans: gap
  • necklace: no idea

excuse the lack of makeup. I got a late start on the day and didn’t figure there was any point putting on makeup, and then have to wash it off a few hours later. I hate washing off makeup. lame excuse, I know.

also, I like this shirt a lot, and because it’s so long, I think it would look cool with a belt. what do you think?


okay, this is not what I’m ‘wearing’ today. micah snapped this pic of me earlier and I thought it would be a funny one to add.

wednesday, for real:004

  • top: ross
  • jeans: old navy
  • fuzzy sherpa slippers: fred meyer
  • oops

and then there’s what my daughter wore to school today:003 - Copy

I don’t think I have any chance of topping this fashion statement.

loving the stripes/flowers/polka dots, as well as the petticoat thing she’s got going on by wearing a skirt under a dress. I’m tellin’ ya. check the paris runways. I’m sure they’re wearing this exactly!

love this girl.

and I love that I don’t care if she wears this.

life is good.

linking up @ the pleated poppy!

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