Monday, June 6, 2011

project life–week 22

this is what the spread looks like this week:008

the first half:009    I didn’t have a picture for sunday, so I asked micah to draw one. he wanted to trace his foot! layla wanted to do it for him and he was agreeable, so there you have it! this may be the one and only foot tracing that makes it’s way into project life because, as you can see, we’re very close to capacity on that one! cute though. monday’s picture is a little different as well. you know about my compulsive issues w/ horizontal orientation… well, the picture I wanted to use was vertical, so I employed a technique I have been using in the album I’m making for 2007 and 2008. I printed it as a collage w/ 2 vertical pictures on one 4x6, then cut it in half and stuck it to one of the folding journaling cards, but open. then I did the journaling on the exposed half of the card, and stuck a decorative card in the slot where the corresponding journaling card is supposed to go.

the second half:014    looking at this, I realize I still need to do the writing for thursday’s pic, which is of me being sworn in as the MOMS club secretary. friday’s pic is a picture layla drew of a playdate she had at the park with her friend, hannah.

extra stuff:010    when layla returned from her weekend with daddy and micah at her friend, noah’s house, she was super excited to had me this picture she’d drawn. we’ve been trying to teach her how to pump on a swing for a year now, and she’s never been able to get it. apparently noah was able to teach her how!

the extra pictures from the week:011    and the MANY pictures I took on saturday when I took the kids to lincoln park:012

and that’s week 22!


  1. Love the mini print attached to the card. I am working on some of those for the 2009 book and have only attempted to put them into the mini slots. Maybe I will give this a try.

  2. yeah, i figured that out in putting together 2008. i only had a couple of vertical prints for 2007 and put them in the small slots. but i had a ton for 2008 and figured i'd do that again, until i figured that out. now i LOVE it! especially since i have found that there are more of the big journaling cards than i will use. makes me less afraid to take vertical pictures too. lol!



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