Friday, June 17, 2011

week 24 in pictures


we came home from church to find 6 old packards parked at the end of our street! impressive. apparently they are a club, and had requested a garden tour from our neighbor susie.

monday: 010

we have all these little plastic baseball helmets that ice cream came in at one point or another. many are from safeco field, others are from frosty boy in napoleon (sigh). the kids use them for snacks or cereal around the house all the time. shane decided that toby needed to be a mariners fan. he actually kept it on long enough for me to take a picture.


layla and our neighbor, playing on the swing shane made in the front yard.


layla, getting ready for “toy day” at school. she elected to bring a barbie and a jelly bracelet (the barbie’s hula hoop), and was getting ready by having her barbie ride the cat…


shane wasn’t home to bring in the trash cans (he’s our garbage man), so micah stepped up to bring in the little one! so cute!


since we were leaving for california, this was layla’s last day of school (even though it wasn’t actually out until the next week). so I met her after school with a card and little gift she had made for her teacher.

everything after this is our trip to california, so we’ll do another ‘week in pictures’ post in july!

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