Sunday, June 12, 2011

week 23 in pictures

this was a really hard week for our family. on monday, the 6th, we said good bye to sophie. oh my that was tough. but life goes on… and the ups and downs are all part of it.


so, last year, our sprinkler broke. I knew we needed to get a new one, and with the weather so nice and the kids hounding us to put up the big pool already, I decided to just go buy a new one. so we did. and as soon as we walked out of the store with it, the sun was gone. end of nice weather. the kids were still determined to run in the sprinkler though, so sun or no sun, we set it up.


monday was such a sad day for our family. the kids and I spent the afternoon at my parents’ house and we all sat around reminiscing about what a wonderful friend sophie had been to us for the last 15 years. I took a therapeutic walk down the road to “sophie’s park” (as shane had dubbed it when he was little) to spend a little time remembering all the wonderful hours I spent there with her when she was younger, chasing tennis balls until she collapsed in exhaustion, barking at the kids when they were up on the play structure, the soccer practice she disrupted when she got off her leash and thought a bunch of kids and a ball looked like something fun to join in on… so many memories of her at that place. I think the first walk I ever took her on when she was just a tiny puppy was to that park. it was far enough away, and she was so little, that I had to carry her back home because she just got too worn out. (sniff sniff) anyway, layla’s way of dealing with her feelings about it was to write a letter to her friend makenna, informing her “sophie died. I know you liked her, but she died.” so sweet and just heart-wrenching.


a mellow day at home. the lack of real dog in the house did not deter layla from continuing to act like one. she and micah climbed into the hamper and panted like dogs.


this week was layla’s last week of homework assignments for kindergarten. of course, she finished it early, and was pretty excited about having completed her last EVER kindergarten homework assignment.


shane’s final band concert of the year.


micah is pretty one-track wherever he is… he knows how to get onto to play his games on my parents’ computer too.


we took micah to buy some sandals. they gave him a little bouncy ball. he brought it home and promptly lost it under the fridge. dave pulled out the fridge to retrieve it… merry christmas kids! here are all your toys! remember them? nevermind the dust bunnies. yuck! (oh, and I took the opportunity to clean all that nasty stuff off the side of the fridge while it was pulled out too!)

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