Sunday, June 5, 2011

week 22 in pictures

(yes, this is a backdated post. there will be several, since I haven’t done this in a month.)



dave, layla and micah were finally back from their trip to rochester and the kids were going crazy, chasing each other around the house. shane wouldn’t admit it, but I think he missed them.


micah was very proud of himself for figuring out how to use this little clip clothes dryer thing. he took his socks off and clipped them onto it, was so pleased with himself, that he proceeded to get every pair of socks out of his drawer and hung them up on it!


shane, teaching micah how to play the trumpet.


we took advantage of the fabulous weather by heading to one of my favorite places in the entire world, lincoln park in west seattle. friends, jennifer, andrew, and ella joined us there.

some other pics of the kids playing at the park:2011-06-041

and some other random pics from the week:2011-06-04

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