Sunday, June 26, 2011

final day of cali trip 2011–coming home!

well, try as I might, I was unsuccessful at refusing to leave california.

we got up early on sunday morning and began our long drive home. but with only 2 kids. lucky shane got to stay an extra week. 3 more days with gramma and papa, and then the rest of the week at the hughes’ cabin in big bar. gramma and papa are heading up here next sunday, and will meet up with him in redding to bring him home.

502  a lovely peak at mt. shasta on I-5.500  layla dozed off while reading “go dog go”.506  we stopped for lunch in medford and found a great park to play at.508512517520522530532536  we were out of the car for about an hour, which was GREAT, and then hit the road again. we all (except for dave, who was driving) took a nap. micah slept for 3 hours!

we had dinner at a taco del mar in vancouver. I’d like to say it was the last stop, but we forgot to get gas, AND, micah needed another potty stop. 540  layla, waiting for the bathroom to open up. she found a stack of booster seats to sit in while she waited.

we made it back home at about 9:30pm, unloaded and went to bed. long day. it was a great trip. so great to see family, especially the wisdaps, who we hardly ever get to see! thanks for a great time, guys! and, of course, thanks to laurie and gary for hosting us AGAIN! we had so much fun!

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