Thursday, June 23, 2011

cali trip 2011–day 6

383  no, it’s not a milkshake, just a cup of water. but cute, none-the-less!

384  daddy, paying bills in his awesome hair with layla in her awesome hair!

no trip to EG would be complete without a trip to feickert park:385  shane, riding laps around the playground. he insisted on bringing his bike on the trip. this was the ONE time he rode it…388layla climbed up the ladder to do the tallest slide in the park, but quickly turned and booked it back down because there was a SPIDER on the slide! eek!389399402396  selfie at the park.404  I call this one “kids on posts”.

back at home, the kids went swimming, and dave and I went on a lunch date to paesano’s.001   I had this yummy margarita and an even yummier salad! dave had a calzone that he ordered without onions. when the waitress came by and saw him painstakingly picking onions out of it, she offered to have a new one made, which he declined, and she said she’d have it taken off the bill. well, when we got the bill, not only was dave’s whole order not on there, but my drink had been comped! new favorite restaurant!!!

meanwhile the kids were in the pool:407  all week, I’d been trying to convince layla to jump off the top of the waterfall, but she wouldn’t do it. I even offered her $5 if she’d try it, but she said she was too scared. I guess she finally did it wednesday night, after they got back from the bay, when they were swimming with gramma and papa. so she was super happy to demonstrate it for me!410  all 3 jumping off!

later that afternoon, amy, adam, and finnigan stopped by, along with sue and darrel, jordan and sophia. they all did some swimming too.413  sophia can fly!!!415  micah and finn checking each other out. 417  and… gotta love how the big boys play in the pool. this went on for a long time.

the day ended with shane AND layla both going home with jordan and sophia for a sleepover. LAYLA’S FIRST!!!! so exciting!

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