Wednesday, June 22, 2011

cali trip 2011–day 5

and it was BACK to the bay area for us!

we met grandpa dick at the oakland zoo, where he volunteers, and had a great time wandering around and seeing all the animals.


layla and micah w/ the tortoises. they were HUGE!270  checking out the siamangs.290  I’m always a fan of trains. even smaller zoo trains. we didn’t have time to ride it this time though.297  flamingos playing in the sprinkler.320  our family and grandpa dick by the elephants.333  layla, kissing the pig for gramma laurie.334  micah, kissing a pig butt… because he’s micah.346  hopping lily pads in the children’s zoo.348  micah, showing that he’s part frog.349  our family. we had a really nice family picture that we took here 2 years ago, and I wanted to update it. this one didn’t turn out as good. oh well.350  layla, the spider.356  layla and shane on a caterpillar.

after the zoo, we made a brief stop to see nana:368  where we played with toys…370  and ate cheetoh’s…

then laurie dropped dave and I off with nolan to head to the giants game.371374  selfie at the game.375  it was SO cold!!! the hot chocolate vender was my best friend!

but it was a good game. the giants won and we got to see brian wilson pitch. I kinda wish I’d had his beard. I probably would have been warmer!

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