Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cali trip 2011–day 4

to san francisco we go!

124  as we were driving, there was some sort of stench. layla put masking tape over her nose so she couldn’t smell it.

126  first stop was pier 39 and lunch. 128  matt’s lunch of beer. he also had a loaf of sourdough.193  this sign was on a post by one of the restaurants. LOL! I happen to think that’s a very good idea!

139  alcatraz.

137  layla was really excited to see the sea lions.145144146  our family, with the bay and alcatraz in the background.

next stop: cable car ride!150  while waiting to buy tickets, micah (followed by layla and madeline) discovered some ants! 151  layla and her daddy, taking in scenery while waiting for our turn on the cable car.154  almost our turn.163  on board! we were packed in like sardines! shane, josh, gary, matt, and laurie, all rode standing on the side. next time, I want to do that!

we got off in chinatown and walked back, taking in some sights on the way. 178  shane, madeline, josh, and layla taking a little rest on the corner.

189  the famous lombard street! when dave, shane and I were there 7 years ago, we actually drove down it. pretty cool.

192  don’t see that every day…

then we crossed the golden gate bridge. another thing I’d never done! bridges both fascinate and freak me out at the same time. it was very impressive to cross, but I was happy when we got to the other side.204  driving on.209   the kids and the bridge. there is a big rest stop on the other side with great vantage points.210  me and the bridge (and layla).217  dave and i… and the bridge.212  our family… and the bridge.262760_2144378250201_1268606705_2568559_2061490_n  laurie and gary… and the bridge… with christie and I creepin’ in on the shot.262733_2144377530183_1268606705_2568556_7732095_n  all of us… and the bridge!

after we finished taking ALL of our pictures with the bridge, we drove back across and headed to the beach. the fog was just rolling in when we got there, AND it was very windy. so we didn’t stay too long.222  dave, lauren, layla, and micah building a sand castle… or, lacking any buckets or molds, a pile surrounded by a moat.232  running away from the waves. they all wound up a little wet.234  micah was IN LOVE with the sand. he probably could have stayed there all day.239  layla and lauren, doing their own digging… layla, with her feet.243  selfie at the beach.

after the beach, we took a little tour through san mateo (where gary and laurie used to live) and saw their old house, the house where gary grew up, the jack in the box where several of them worked, etc. then we had pizza at aldo’s.248  laurie, christie, and melissa at the ‘adult table’.249  the ‘kids table’.

after dinner, we said goodbye to the wisdaps who were flying out of san francisco in the morning.

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