Saturday, June 18, 2011

cali trip 2011–day 1

I guess this would technically be day 2, but I’m declaring it day 1 since the real day 1 was only spent driving. we headed out of town around 1, picked up dave at work, and headed south. we rolled into EG around 4:30am, transferred the kids to our accommodations in the tent trailer parked in the side yard, and PASSED OUT. I slept fully clothed… not even sure I took off my shoes!

so the REAL day 1 was saturday. first thing we did was get cleaned up and headed to st. joseph catholic church for abby’s (dave’s cousin, anthony’s daughter) baptism. after that, we headed to chalane’s parents’ house for a little party.

they had these enormous lawn chairs and the kids had fun piling into them.028  madeline, lauren, and layla – getting reacquainted after not seeing each other since 2008.

029  josh and shane.

259919_2144363529833_1268606705_2568523_7451861_n  AND, apparently this is what the dapelo family does at family gatherings. stole this picture from christie. it’s just TOO perfect!

but, it was hot and kids were tired, so we headed back to the house for some swimming.

042  layla and lauren, giggling at each other in their ‘emergency vehicles’.

044   I was determined to get a little bit tan.

love this scene:047  that’s 10 kids (and sarah) in the pool! sarah and russell, sue and darrel, jordan, sophia, rose, and blake all came over for a swim and gary’s famous ribs.

048  I think they were planning to dump this bucket on sophia!

and, boys doing what boys do in a pool:049052068  they all had good form and made some impressive catches!

072  noodle war!064  popsicle time!

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