Sunday, June 19, 2011

cali trip 2001–day 2

sunday was church, followed by swimming and hanging out.074078076  auntie re was just home from her marathon in alaska. 

080  matt, applying some ‘dark tanning oil’! LOL!

083  anthony and abby. it was her first time swimming! so cute.

084   I guess the swimming tired her out.

089  papa and micah, making use of various floatation devices.

264689_2144364849866_1268606705_2568526_1803354_n  mimi, chalane, amanda, laurie, christie, and I ready to shoot laurie’s famous ‘duck farts’. yummy!

in the evening, the girls went to an outdoor production of “annie”. it was very well done and so much fun!264984_2144366609910_1268606705_2568532_4951668_n  melissa, lauren, madeline, and layla waiting for the show to start.

099  layla and I at intermission. it was a long play, and didn’t start until 7:30pm. madeline and lauren fell asleep shortly into the second act. layla looked at them and said, “how can they sleep with all this noise?!” I was wondering how she wasn’t sleeping too, since it was after 10!

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