Monday, June 27, 2011

project life–week 25

this is a VERY full week!

the spread:023

the first half:024    it’s so hard to choose just one pic! sunday’s is all the girls with the duck farts. monday’s is a 3 part collage of micah counting to “fifty” before jumping in the pool. tuesday’s is our whole group at the golden gate bridge.

the second half:030    wednesday is a small collage of dave, nolan and I at the giants game. thursday is the kids at feickert park. friday is just a cute shot of my boys sleeping (and the cat’s tail). saturday is our selfie while riding the train in old sac.

(lots of) extras:025    first off, this cracks me up, and if you have ever had or known a cat, you will appreciate this. they have a way of planting their butts in exactly the wrong spot. the cat I had in college used to lay down in the middle of my (very heavy) “complete works of shakespeare” book while I was trying to read. anyway, these are sunday’s pics.

monday’s and the first part of tuesday’s:026

the second half of tuesday’s (there were too many to fit on one collage and still be able to see what they were) and wednesday’s:027

thursday’s and friday’s:028

and finally saturday’s:029

seriously, week 25 is a FAT week!

project life–week 24

the spread:020    I only had one sheet of extra pics to put in this week, and not really any artwork or anything like that, so I’m thankful that the 12x12 cardstock sheets included in the kit have pretty designs on the backs of them! maybe I’ll find something that needs to go in here, but for the time being, it’s a tree.

the first half of the week:019

the second half:022    nothing I haven’t already blogged about here.

the extras:021    for our trip to californa (we left on friday of this week, after layla’s last day of school), I made an 8x10 collage of the pics for each day. saturday’s is the only one included for this week.

and that’s week 24.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

final day of cali trip 2011–coming home!

well, try as I might, I was unsuccessful at refusing to leave california.

we got up early on sunday morning and began our long drive home. but with only 2 kids. lucky shane got to stay an extra week. 3 more days with gramma and papa, and then the rest of the week at the hughes’ cabin in big bar. gramma and papa are heading up here next sunday, and will meet up with him in redding to bring him home.

502  a lovely peak at mt. shasta on I-5.500  layla dozed off while reading “go dog go”.506  we stopped for lunch in medford and found a great park to play at.508512517520522530532536  we were out of the car for about an hour, which was GREAT, and then hit the road again. we all (except for dave, who was driving) took a nap. micah slept for 3 hours!

we had dinner at a taco del mar in vancouver. I’d like to say it was the last stop, but we forgot to get gas, AND, micah needed another potty stop. 540  layla, waiting for the bathroom to open up. she found a stack of booster seats to sit in while she waited.

we made it back home at about 9:30pm, unloaded and went to bed. long day. it was a great trip. so great to see family, especially the wisdaps, who we hardly ever get to see! thanks for a great time, guys! and, of course, thanks to laurie and gary for hosting us AGAIN! we had so much fun!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

cali trip 2011–day 8

our FINAL day in EG. we started the day with laundry and cleaning out the car, organizing the suitcases, etc.

I heard micah complaining out the front door, and layla came in and told me that daddy had put him in a time out and had buckled him into his car seat so he couldn’t get away. I thought this was odd, but figured it was between dave and micah and went on about my business.445about 10 minutes later, micah was still there and no sign of dave, so I went out to the car, where he and gary were looking under the hood at something, to ask if he was ever going to talk to micah about whatever it was he was in trouble for and let him out of his seat. dave knew nothing about it. apparently, micah had sat down in his seat and buckled himself in, but couldn’t get out. where layla got the story about the time out, I have no idea…

shane had wanted to go and ride the train in old sac, which only runs on saturdays and sundays, so we made one last trip through in-n-out, and headed to sacramento.447there was a costumed balloon sculptor by the depot who made “eyeballs” for micah and layla. they were very excited about them.

448I was pleased to see that the train was going to be pulled by the steam locomotive this time. last year, I was disappointed.449  micah and papa, on board with their tickets!453  layla has her ticket ready.459467  selfie with the engine going by behind us. at the end of the line, the engine unhooks, pulls back, switches tracks, goes past the train on a side track, switches tracks again, and then hooks up to the other end of the train to pull it back.472  dave and his mommy.477   “take a picture of my eyeball!”478 “now take a picture of my actual eyeball!”479  dave, modeling the ‘eyeballs’.487  california state capitol.

and then it was back in the pool for one last swim.490  dave, giving layla a no-floaties swimming lesson.492  and then giving micah one too. micah just wanted to go under water again and again. he thought it was the greatest!

in the evening, laurie, layla and I got to go to sophia’s ballet recital. however, laurie had the time written down wrong, so we had an hour to kill. there was supposed to be a $2 tank top sale at old navy, so we stopped by there.496  the tank tops were sold out, but layla wanted to pose as a mannequin.497  layla and ballerina sophia after the show! we really enjoyed being able to see it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

cali trip 2011–day 7

the day began with auntie re picking up shane, layla, jordan and sophia and bringing them back to the house. then, we ALL went to the theater to see CARS 2! it was very exciting! everyone loved the movie.

then, it was back in the pool:418  dave put on the big green floaties and looked like the incredible hulk.419   I taught layla how to do a canonball.440  micah thought he was doing a canonball too… his version involves screaming “CANONBALL!!!” at the top of his lungs and then jumping in as usual.

after swimming, micah passed out. dave woke him up but he apparently wasn’t ready to be awake because he curled up in a ball on the floor and went back to sleep:442

that night was family night at the church. laurie and gary had spent the afternoon grilling chicken to bring for the picnic. after eating, dave played in the softball game and the kids played some baseball too. 010  micah at bat.015  layla, practicing her monkey bar skills.

444  my boys, passed out together. so cute!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

cali trip 2011–day 6

383  no, it’s not a milkshake, just a cup of water. but cute, none-the-less!

384  daddy, paying bills in his awesome hair with layla in her awesome hair!

no trip to EG would be complete without a trip to feickert park:385  shane, riding laps around the playground. he insisted on bringing his bike on the trip. this was the ONE time he rode it…388layla climbed up the ladder to do the tallest slide in the park, but quickly turned and booked it back down because there was a SPIDER on the slide! eek!389399402396  selfie at the park.404  I call this one “kids on posts”.

back at home, the kids went swimming, and dave and I went on a lunch date to paesano’s.001   I had this yummy margarita and an even yummier salad! dave had a calzone that he ordered without onions. when the waitress came by and saw him painstakingly picking onions out of it, she offered to have a new one made, which he declined, and she said she’d have it taken off the bill. well, when we got the bill, not only was dave’s whole order not on there, but my drink had been comped! new favorite restaurant!!!

meanwhile the kids were in the pool:407  all week, I’d been trying to convince layla to jump off the top of the waterfall, but she wouldn’t do it. I even offered her $5 if she’d try it, but she said she was too scared. I guess she finally did it wednesday night, after they got back from the bay, when they were swimming with gramma and papa. so she was super happy to demonstrate it for me!410  all 3 jumping off!

later that afternoon, amy, adam, and finnigan stopped by, along with sue and darrel, jordan and sophia. they all did some swimming too.413  sophia can fly!!!415  micah and finn checking each other out. 417  and… gotta love how the big boys play in the pool. this went on for a long time.

the day ended with shane AND layla both going home with jordan and sophia for a sleepover. LAYLA’S FIRST!!!! so exciting!


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