Wednesday, May 25, 2011

what I wore wednesday

okay, I’ve been considering quitting this whole thing. I hate taking/posting/looking at pictures of myself. I feel stupid. I feel self-absorbed. I feel vain or arrogant or any number of negative adjectives you might want to fill in. these pictures are from last week, and even they represent a half-hearted attempt at remembering to have someone take a pic.

this is not to say that I think any of the other participants in WIWW are vain, arrogant, or self-absorbed. no, this is my own, personal dislike or insecurity, or whatever… I like looking at their pictures, and I fully appreciate the whole point of the exercise. and, (as I sit here in my workout pants, hoodie, and socks) I am fully aware that I should, indeed, be participating with a little more gusto. I’ll do better. I swear.

anyway, here’s sunday, the 15th:


  • dress: hand me down
  • cardigan: aeropostle
  • shoes: target

003 (3)

  • necklace: target

003 (2)

I used to have earrings that matched that necklace, but I lost one.

Sad smile

wednesday, the 18th:


  • purple top: thrifted (LOVE this top. was even complimented by the girl in the mcdonald’s drive-thru who took my money! that’s sayin’ something, right?)
  • capris: gap (modified by me – you can see what they used to look like here. they are the extremely wrinkly ones on the right in the first picture.)
  • flip flops: kohl’s (highly important information, I know.)
  • necklace/earrings: target

025 (2)

  • awesome sunburn: me
  • slouch: all me…
  • terrible, blurry picture: canon powershot SD790 IS (I SO want a good camera!!!)

while using his services as photographer, micah wanted to share with you what HE was wearing:


  • emergency vehicle jammies: target (via garage sale)
  • extreme cuteness: all me! (okay, I guess I should credit dave for a little bit of it… okay, half.)

linking up, because otherwise I’m just posting pictures of myself…

@ the pleated poppy

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  1. It's funny seeing that dress. It looked a lot shorter on me. :)



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