Wednesday, May 11, 2011

project life–week 18

a little more stuff this week.

first half:005

I was still in florida on sunday, monday and tuesday, so I have the dueling pictures going on again. sunday’s pic is another collage of the pictures dave took that day. apparently, it was gorgeous here! monday is a pic he texted me of layla, waiting at the bus stop in the rain. I was on the beach when I got the text…

I have a 8x10 collage for sunday:007

and another for monday:008

and then we have a little layla artwork:009

she made these w/ some big shape stencils I have.

and another drawing:010

I thought this was hilarious. my mom gave her a sheet of smiley face stickers. she gave them bodies. LOL!

and the latter half of the week:011

still not sure what I’m doing for friday. I really want shane to write something up for me, but I don’t think I’ll be able to convince him to do it. layla drew saturday’s picture for me. that’s her trying to dunk her t-ball coach in the dunk tank. it was the mid-season classic (fundraiser), and that was part of the festivities. it was a cold, WINDY day, and we felt really sorry for all the coaches who had to brave the dunk tank.

and that’s week 18! can’t believe how far into the year we are already!

and if you want a better look at any of the pics, you can check out my this post, which features them all!

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