Monday, May 23, 2011

week 20 in pictures


our friends, kat and cole, and their boys came for a visit on sunday. the kids played, kat and I chatted, cole and dave went for a long bike ride around the lake. they’re both training for STP in july.


typical micah – taking a break from his trains to play some mario kart.


with the weather nice, our indoor cat is just dying to get outside. he crouches by the slider, waiting for an opportunity to escape. so one day, I put his harness on him and took him out to spend some time in the back yard. I looped the end of the leash over one of the knobs on the climber and let him be.


sophie’s 15th birthday! FIFTEEN! holy cow, that is old for a dog. especially a lab. she had a vet appointment that day, for a check up and to see what was going on with this cough she’s been having. unfortunately, the news on that wasn’t great.


layla has been desperate to make a water slide. you know how it is around here. as soon as the sun comes out, people strip down to their bare nothings and decide it’s summer. it was 65* out, and the kids were sporting swimsuits and wanting to play in the frigid hose water. shane helped her rig up this little scenario. honestly, I was skeptical. I didn’t think it would work. but it did, and they had SO much fun. they didn’t freeze either.


we knew this was going to be the last nice day, so we spent all day outside. after more splashing and sliding, these two took a page out of my book and just enjoyed the warmth. I think they were still all of about 5 seconds – just long enough for me to take this picture.


old dog – lots of pills. in addition to the two pills she was taking before, we’ve now added two more. the glucosamine is to help her stiff joints, the proin is for old lady bladder control, and now we’ve added prednisone and a cough suppressant. the bad news was that xrays show a mass, likely a tumor, likely something like lymphoma, in her chest which is causing the coughing. BUT, given that she’s healthy and happy in all other ways, we decided that we’d do a non-invasive, non-traumatic treatment option. the prednisone can help to shrink the tumor for a time, make her more comfortable, and give her a little more time with us. ugh. it’s so sad to think of losing her, but I knew this day would come… I’ve just been dreading it for the last 15 years. at any rate, she seems to be reacting well, and we’ll just see how it goes.

that’s our week!

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