Thursday, April 21, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #8 - dress up clothes!

okay, I really love this category. I LOVE to get dressed up. I love dress up clothes. I wish we lived in a world where people still got dressed up on a regular basis. sadly, it is the year 2011, and I live in the PNW, where casual friday has evolved into casual EVERYDAY, and we’re still recovering from the grunge era (as evidenced by my obsession with all things hooded). I wish men wore suits and hats and had starched handkerchiefs in their pockets.

at any rate, I don’t have nearly as many dress-up clothes as I would like, but sadly, more than I probably need…

first picture:045

  1. dark purple wrap-style dress (express): I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this dress. it has this fabulous satin sash that is pleated all across the front and ties in the back. it has 3/4 sleeves that are slightly flared. I generally wear this with a lace-trimmed black cami under. I think I shrunk it slightly at some point, so it’s a little shorter than I’m comfortable wearing as a proper dress. I’ve worn it over nice bootcut jeans w/ black boots, but I think it would also look fab over some cropped leggings or debbie gibson style tights w/ flats.
  2. navy/purple flowered wrap dress (jcpenney): this is the dress that layla picked off the rack for me in february. if you missed that story, you can read it here. I wore it to amy’s wedding, and plan to wear it on easter. I love it.

second picture:046

  1. longish blue dress (via mary): mary passed this dress to me. ironically, it’s the dress she wore to my wedding! I like it, but haven’t had occasion to wear it yet, as it’s been winter. I wish I had a cardigan of some sort to wear with it.
  2. longish red diagonal stiped dress (via mary): this is actually the same as the blue dress, but I think I like it more! again, not a long season for wearing nice sleeveless dresses… maybe a lot of people will get married this summer. one can hope!
  3. little black strappy dress w/ white sash (ross): I love this dress. I got it for dave’s company party, a couple years ago, after an adventure in dress-shopping. I especially love the sash on this dress. one problem, though, one of the stones in that little clasp thingy on the sash fell out. it has been suggested that I might be able to find a stone to match it and fill in. I should probably pursue that.

third picture:047

  1. long blue strappy dress (via mary): another hand-me-down. I love this. it’s gorgeous, but I would need to wear 4 inch platform shoes for it to not be way too long. I need to decide whether I want to look into getting it altered.
  2. pink sleeveless top (express): I think this top is really cute. but, I bought it when micah was about 4 months old and I had significantly bigger boobs. now it’s a little droopy on me. it should probably find a new home.
  3. black dress pants (express): I love these pants. they fit me perfectly. they’re not even too long (as long as I’m wearing heels) because I bought the ‘short’ ones. I paid full price out the nose for these pants, but they are SO worth it.

not too bad in this department…

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  1. Love the purple dress. I would totally wear it with the cropped leggings and some flats.



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